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Strengthening the Circle

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Strengthening The Circle

Strengthening the Circle

Partnering Organizations:

Artemesia Associates in Bozeman, MT is a consulting firm that provides leadership and organizational development and facilitation services to nonprofits and public agencies. Working with leaders, organizations, networks and coalitions Artemesia Associates helps them more effectively accomplish their purpose. Areas of expertise include: leadership training and coaching, organizational development and strategic planning, management coaching, participatory research and evaluation services, and facilitation of community involvement and policy development processes. Contact Barbara Rusmore at brusmore@gmail.com.

Seventh Generation Fund (SGF) based in Arvata, CA, is a national Native nonprofit organization that provides training, mentoring, and technical services to fledgling American Indian non-profit agencies. As an Indigenous peoples identity-based organization and the oldest, continually operating Native public foundation in North America (30 years), SGF is pleased to share our experience and insights of working with Native controlled and operated nonprofit organizations in Indian country. SGF strongly believes that you best know and understand the many challenges and issues faced by your communities and through community organizing and development at the grassroots level you are the best ones to solve these issues. Through this leadership program we are committed to providing the training, technical capacity, and knowledge to access the appropriate resources that your organizations will need to develop culturally harmonious remedies to the many challenges that confront your communities.

WolfStar Productions Donna Chimera, principal of WolfStar Productions is a nonprofit trainer, professional marketer, small business coach, author, and facilitator. Through her firm, she provides ongoing training and technical assistance to Native and rural nonprofit organizations on marketing, program development, web concept development, and media communications. Contact Donna at wolfstarpr@gmail.com.

Strengthening the Circle

Partnering Organizations


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Strengthening The Circle

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