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Together Campaign


Hopa Mountain invites you to get involved with the Together Campaign! Children who share stories, read, sing songs or simply talk with their parents or caregivers every day during their earliest years are more likely to succeed later in school and live happy, healthy lives. That is because when a child hears language frequently, strong brain connections are built; these connections help children learn, socialize, and feel safe, loved and confident. This is the message of Hopa Mountain's Together campaign, which seeks to encourage parents, grandparents and other caregivers to spend more time interacting with their children in meaningful ways. Please visit the link below to learn more! The Together campaign is made possible with generous support from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.

Visit the Together Campaign Website

Resources for Parents

Why children’s books?

Criteria for StoryMakers book selections

StoryMakers Books and Book-sharing Ideas

StoryMakers Books and Book-sharing Ideas

StoryMakers Books and Book-sharing Ideas

Research Summaries and Guides

Why children’s books? (back to top)

StoryMakers offers quality children’s books to parents and primary caregivers for use as multi-purpose, fun tools to build positive home learning environments for their young children.

Quality children's books used daily and effectively in the homes of families with children 0-5 prepare children for proficiency with language and literacy, and success in reading. Success in reading strongly predicts success in school and economic self-sufficiency in adulthood.

Quality children's books give parents and children "props" around which to create the early language experience – lots of talk, lots of reading – that leads to skill with oral and written language, and success in school and beyond.

Books also promote an activity – shared reading – that strongly encourages warm, positive parent-child interaction.

In sum, quality children's books give children

  • a fun, direct way to connect oral language with written language, a connection vital to success in reading;

  • experiences with the purposes and power of print;

  • knowledge of how books work;

  • the joys of stories and discovery and learning something new; and

  • positive shared experience with the most important people in their lives.


Criteria for StoryMakers book selections (back to top)

Hopa Mountain's StoryMakers program looks for quality children's board books, including both classics and lesser-known books, that parents can use to create emotionally positive and fun in-home learning experiences for their very young children.

We choose books that:

1. encourage extended child-adult "talk," interactive fun and humor, and the development of positive social-emotional feelings between child and adult

2. encourage "language play" - fun use of language sounds through, for example, rhyme, rhythm, and repetition

3. encourage the recognition of alphabet letters and their sounds

4. contain possibilities for discovering the fun – and the power – of numbers and math concepts such as shapes and sizes, measurement, sorting and classification, estimation, problem-solving, and counting

5. contain possibilities for developing an early interest in the natural world, with emphases, for example, on animals and plants, weather, shadows, common and unusual land forms, cycles of seasons, etc.

6. are appropriate and relevant across cultures


StoryMakers Books and Book-sharing Ideas (back to top)

I Like It When, by Mary Murphy

Ages 0 – 3: I Like It When  by Mary Murphy
Look here for Book-sharing ideas.

Let's Count

Age 0 – 5: Let's Count  by Sterling Publishers
Look here for Book-sharing ideas.

Gossie and Gertie

Age 3 – 5: Gossie & Gertie  by Olivier Dunrea
Look here for Book-sharing ideas.

My Little Word Book

Age 3 – 5: My Little Word Book  by Roger Priddy
Look here for Book-sharing ideas.

StoryMakers Books and Book-sharing Ideas, Spring '09 (back to top)

The Big Red Barn

Ages 0 – 3: Big Red Barn  by Margaret Wise Brown
Look here for Book-sharing ideas.

Good Night Gorilla

Ages 0 – 5: Good Night, Gorilla  by Peggy Rathmann
Look here for Book-sharing ideas.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle

Ages 3 – 5: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
Look here for Book-sharing ideas.

Bear Wants More

Ages 3 – 5: Bear Wants More by Karma Wilson
Look here for Book-sharing ideas.

StoryMakers Books and Book-sharing Ideas (back to top)

Welcome Song For Baby

Ages 0 – 2: Welcome Song for Baby  by Richard Van Camp
Look here for Book-sharing ideas.

Good Night Moon

Ages 0 – 5: Good Night Moon  by Margaret Wise Brown
Look here for Book-sharing ideas.

One Duck Stuck

Ages 0 – 5: One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root
Look here for Book-sharing ideas.


Five Liggle Ducks

Ages 2 – 5: Five Little Ducks by Raffi
Look here for Book-sharing ideas.

Research Summaries and Guides (back to top)

Read, Sing, Laugh, Play Every Day Together Brochure



Gifts Of Words Brochure



Success in School and Life brochure



The Gift of Words
How Parents Can Shape a Child's Life Story



A Parent’s Guide to Reading with Children, Birth to Five


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